Do you know what your skin needs with the spring’s arrival?

Do you know what your skin needs with the spring’s arrival? 

We are excited to see how the days get longer, but after the long winter, our skin is often dull and dry. It needs a large dose of nutrients to recover its luminosity, its softness and to be able to fight with the solar radiation.

Argan Oil, the natural antioxidant that your skin needs

Used for women in North Africa for centuries, argan oil comes from a Moroccan tree. Argan oil nourishes and moisturizes your skin and reduces wrinkles and restores the luminosity of the skin. Argan oil contains almost three times more Vitamin E than Olive oil. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps you fighting agains free radicals caused by pollution and the harmful effects of the sun.

How to incorporate argan oil in your beauty rituals?

Face: applying every day a few drops of argan oil before your usual moisturizer, you can also use it as a night mask and spread a good dose of pure oil on the face, which will be absorbed during the night’s rest. You will wake up in the morning with ultra hydrated and very soft skin.

Hair: mix 2 tablespoons of argan oil with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and apply this mixture as a mask on the ends of your hair, leaving at least an hour before washing.

Body: Say goodbye to crocodile skin with a simple homemade exfoliating, mixing argan oil with sugar (preferably brown). Or if you prefer, use our exfoliant based on organic argan oil and shredded argan shells. You will show some arms and legs soft and radiant!



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